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The Sock Keeper is still early in its infancy, but we have already made some steps to achieve our sustainability and environmental goals.  All our sock labels are hand made, and hand embossed; using only recyclable materials.  To encourage the use of less packaging waste, customers can scan an interactive label on the back of every sock sleeve to access product fibre compersition and wash and care instructions.  We always recommend that our customers wash our socks on a cold wash with the socks inside out.  We advise that were possible, customers should wash all their laundry together to save on water, electricity and detergent use.  The use of too much detergent has an unnecessary impact on the environment.  By pairing odd  socks together, one could start a funky new fashion renaissance! or at least recycle them at a local clothing bank.  Even though our socks are durable, they will last longer if they are hung to dry/air dried.  This will help the socks to live longer and therefore, the Earth to.


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